cademy pur foaming systems

PUR Foaming systems

„If you are looking for a system in order to foam cable sets for the automotive industry, you are in the right place with us. We offer you real full service – from the first idea to process development, support, hardware recommendations and procurement, to in-house mould and tool construction and a worldwide assembly service.

We design, plan, build and deliver EVERYTHING you need – regardless of whether it is a system for small series and individual production or a complete systems for series  production.”

(Owner and CEO  Michael Faupel)

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The CademyPlus control is an independent product, which can be placed (integrated) “on top” of an existing systems.
Regardless of the type (mould, temperature control unit, release agent spray system, extraction, etc.), all components can be operated and visualized with the CademyPlus control. This results in a very convenient type of system monitoring. Regardless of your end use device (smartphone / tablet / desktop), you always have an overview of all system parameters. This enables you to recognise in real time when and where action is required.
The graphical user interface allows intuitive control and operation. Authorized employees can read the current fill levels or the cycle rate of your foaming processes. Operation is simple and clear, even without prior technical knowledge.

CademyPlus – the facts:

  • Visualization of complex processes
  • Monitoring / controlling all factors
  • Intuitive operation and control
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Can be combined with other system components.

Our CademyPlus control can also be used in other manufacturing processes (and industries). It is an ideal addition to any form of manufacturing process. The new CademyPlus control is a convenient and worthwhile addition wherever components of a system communicate with one another and work interdependently.

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PUR Schäumform cademy

PUR Foaming moulds

Short distances – quick response time – optimal results.

Benefit from over 30 years of experience. We are pioneers in the field of complete foaming of cable sets.
Constantly developing and consistently measured against the requirements of our demanding, quality-oriented customers. The tools of our associated company Artur Sohl are already prepared for our new CADEMYPlus control.

Foam moulds and a complete system – everything from a single source.

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Cademy GmbH Ennepetal Germany

Cademy at a glance

Cademy GmbH, based in Ennepetal, North Rhine-Westphalia, is your specialist if you want to produce polyurethane cable grommets for vehicle wiring harnesses.

Cable sets run through the entire body. The openings in the front wall (firewall) of a vehicle are particularly critical – the transition between the engine compartment and the passenger cell must be waterproof and gas-tight. In order to guarantee a perfect installation, Cademy develops individual, form-fitting and precisely fitting cable grommets for you.

Cademy delivers everything you need for your production. All OEM specifications are strictly adhered to and fulfilled. From the design and production of the tools to the complete system, Cademy is your reliable partner.

Our guiding principle

Short distances – quick response times – professional competence and optimal results – you can rely on that. This is what sets us apart!


The origin of Cademy GmbH goes back to the beginning of the seventies. Our sister company Artur Sohl Modell- und Formenbau GmbH was founded in 1972. In the mid-eighties, the company began to develop tools for cable foaming under the management of Walter Faupel. The company took a role as a pioneer. There were no comparable cable grommets before on the market.

In the 1990s Walter Faupels son Michael Faupel founded his own design office and worked closely together with Artur Sohl GmbH.

At the turn of the millennium, the idea was finally born to combine the specialist knowledge and experience in foaming cable harnesses with the design capabilities of entire systems – Cademy GmbH was founded.

Both companies constantly continue to grow, Cademy and Artur Sohl moved into a new factory in 2018. Construction, toolmaking and technical center are now next door to each other: Short distances – quick response times – professional competence and optimal results

Today Michael Faupel is the owner and managing director of Artur Sohl GmbH and Cademy GmbH.

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Service / Support / Consulting

We are your partner for all questions and concerns regarding product, process, development, plant, manufacturing, procurement and quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Online request

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