The CademyPlus control is an independent product, which can be placed (integrated) “on top” of an existing systems.
Regardless of the type (mould, temperature control unit, release agent spray system, extraction, etc.), all components can be operated and visualized with the CademyPlus control. This results in a very convenient type of system monitoring. Regardless of your end use device (smartphone / tablet / desktop), you always have an overview of all system parameters. This enables you to recognise in real time when and where action is required.
The graphical user interface allows intuitive control and operation. Authorized employees can read the current fill levels or the cycle rate of your foaming processes. Operation is simple and clear, even without prior technical knowledge.

CademyPlus – the facts:

haken visualization of complex processes
haken monitoring / controlling all factors
haken intuitive operation and control
haken statistical evaluation
haken can be retrofitted at any time
haken can be combined with other system components

Our CademyPlus control can also be used in other manufacturing processes (and industries). It is an ideal addition to any form of manufacturing process. The new CademyPlus control is a convenient and worthwhile addition wherever components of a system communicate with one another and work interdependently.

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